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The training you undertake with us will teach you to foot launch, fly and land safely a powered paraglider also known as a PPG.

Currently training 45-50 students per year, you can be assured that your instruction is delivered by not only experienced instructors but they are also experienced pilots. While training time varies from student to student, it generally takes 7-14 days to learn to fly!

We work hard to ensure that students are safe and confident in their PPG skills so they can launch, skillfully, maneuver and land their paramotors without assistance or challenge. Emphasis is placed on safely mastering flying from the beginning along with fully understanding the rules, regulations, physics and complexities of this amazing sport.

This is an in-depth course where you will learn the basics through to the finer details of powered paraglider flying, maintenance and ownership. Our syllabus provides the skills and knowledge you need to confidently fly on your own and with friends. You will learn about equipment, how to launch safely, fly expertly, and land with ease and a smile!

You will also be taught the fundamentals of weather, gliders, airspace, regulations, maintenance, and many other tricks that may well take YEARS to learn on your own.

Additionally, your training will include ALL of your up to date, well maintained  equipment (motor, wing, helmet, radio, etc) for your first 15-25 flights.

Our course is tailored to each students aptitude, but conducted in groups as we find it is easier, and more fun, to learn with others. There will be 1 instructor to every 2 students.

Once back in the UK, you will have full support from us, with an additional day of training, to learn UK air law and take your first post training flight.



Our PPG courses take place in Florida, USA, where the weather conditions are usually consistently more flyable than the UK. This allows you to fly on consecutive days giving you an intensive learning experience so that you become a competent and confident PPG Pilot.

You will also have your own private villa which you will share with your fellow PPG trainees, each having your own room.


Flights to Florida are also included in the package and you will be met by your host at the UK airport. They will take care of all your travel arrangements so that you can just sit back and relax.

We are also happy to arrange flights for additional persons that would not be training and also a rental vehicle. Please contact us should this be the case and we can quote you accordingly.

If you have any questions please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.